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Balekola and Balupet Estates

Coffee Farm for the Hero Cafe

The farm where it all starts! Balekola and Balupet are nestled in the lush mountains of the Western Ghats in the district of Chikmagalur in Southern India. Known for primarily growing the beloved varietal, Arabica, their coffee from their coffee plants is cultivated with the utmost care. There’s 400 acres of land between both of the estate’s farms. In their location, they can also grow top-shelf Robusta coffee as well as the highly sought-after Arabica. They pick the finest beans from our estates to export to the U.S., U.K., Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, and South Korea. Their global network continues to expand as we meet kindred spirits – buyers who share our collective vision for a healthy planet, where communities of farmers and workers coexist peacefully with the forests and the wildlife that depends on it.


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Our Commitment to the Planet

For every way that we can reduce our carbon footprint, preserve our ecosystem, and halt the rapid encroachment of climate change on our planet, we will make those efforts and take those necessary steps to do our part. That is why we carefully chose a coffee farm and coffee roaster to collaborate with who are doing their part as well to preserve and heal the planet.
Coffee and Kindness; for the People and for the Planet.

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