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Our Quest

We are on a quest to save the world.


The Hero Foundation is a team comprised of young adults from Napa County who agree that the world needs heroes, now more than ever.  Saving the world in whatever way we can is our goal, and we strive to do our part every day. We do this through service projects, fundraisers, activism, demonstrations, marches, and by projecting peace and love to all we meet.  Our projects vary depending on what our community, the world, and our own team feels are the most vital and urgent issues that we should take on. We hope to inspire the youth of today to go out there and make an impact for the greater good instead of sitting idly by.  There’s darkness in this world, but we will be the bearers of light. We can make impacts on the world for the better, but all of this is not something that can be done alone. Together, we can save the world.

Be a Hero.


- The Hero Foundation

Our Mission Statment

"Our mission as The Hero Foundation is to do our part in saving the world in every way we can and to bring love, peace, and prosperity to everyone."


"We Will Save the World."


- Sincerely, with Peace and Love,

The Hero Foundation