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Chik Monk
Roaster for the Hero Cafe

Hero Cafe's incredible coffee roaster, Chik Monk, roasts the beans from our family farm to perfection for each blend they offer. Philanthropic and environmentally conscious in their methods like Hero Cafe, we could not imagine a better roaster to work with to make Hero Cafe a reality! The specialty coffee that Chik Monk roasts for us is farmed and cared for every step of the way from the farm in Chikmagalur, India all the way to the cup you're holding. Thanks to Chik Monk, we are able to bring the flavor of the mountains to the people of Napa, CA.


Chik Monk donates a portion of its profit to enhance the well-being of the local community by providing housing, healthcare, access to clean drinking water, and schooling aid for the younger children.


To learn more about Chik Monk, click the button below!

Hero Foundation - Chik Monk - Roaster - IMG_5858.JPG
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