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Introducing the Hero Cafe from The Hero Foundation!

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Eco-Friendly Coffee!

Hero Cafe is a nonprofit pop-up coffee shop selling organic and ethically sourced coffee, espresso drinks, and coffee beans right here in Napa Valley! Proceeds from our cafe's sales go to The Hero Foundation in order to fund our upcoming community service projects and to overall increase our level of outreach! Additionally, proceeds will also go to other local nonprofits, charities, and causes!


The coffee beans used in our drinks are from Chik Monk Coffee Roasters; an eco-friendly, ethical, rain-forest alliance and fair-trade certified coffee company that grows coffee over on their family-owned and operated farm in Chikmagalur, India which has been in their family for four generations!


In choosing a coffee supplier to work with, we wanted to pick a company that is treating our planet and its workers with the utmost kindness and respect, and Chik Monk fit the bill perfectly! If you have the time, we highly encourage you to learn more about the great work they do by visiting their website:


Chik Monk also donates a percentage of their total profits to invest in and to empower women and children within the farming communities from where we source and toward ocean cleanup efforts. Hero Cafe is happy to be serving such amazing coffee from such amazing producers and we hope you'll join us at our next pop-up for a cup of coffee and kindness!

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Hero Cafe Team

Hero Cafe is a team of baristas that care for the community they serve and truly believe in the world-saving power of kindness! We are brewing up coffee to inspire and fuel the great world savers and peacemakers of today and tomorrow!


Join us for a Cup of Coffee and Kindness!

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