Our quest to do our part in saving the world is carried out in a plethora of ways including through different service projects, demonstrations, fundraising, community events, and more! Our area of focus depends on the feedback we gather in regards to what the most pressing matters and needs are in our own communities and on a global scale as well. This works very well for our volunteer base as you can be sure to find yourself involved in a Hero Foundation service project that is centered around a cause that matters dearly to you.

We want to be a platform for our volunteers to really be heroes for their community. We will work every day to be just that. We will do our part in saving the world.

Be a Hero!


Here at the Hero Foundation, we are fundraising all the time and often. Our fundraisers raise money for vital causes depending on the needs of the community we are serving. We value community feedback so please let us know what causes you believe we should dedicate a project to in our communities.


When disaster strikes, the Hero Foundation will be there to help n whatever way we can. Other than providing boots on the ground to aid communities in day to day fights or disasters, we also look to supply communities and other nonprofits with funding and supplies to make a larger impact.


We serve the world because we haven't given up hope.  We have not and will not give up on this world.  Despite countless variants of adversity that are placed before us, we as a loving and powerful people will rise and take action for peace, health and the world we live in.  This is why we chose to be heroes.